MDL Corporation

Who we are?

We specialize in providing sustainable solutions in LED lighting. We manufacture and distribute innovative LED technology to several countries. Our products are modern, durable and meet luxury standards.

Our history

Mundo das Lâmpadas (MDL) was established in 1997 in Ciudad Del Este (Paraguay) to meet the growing demand for economic lighting at a time when the cost of electricity was constantly increasing (as it still is). For more than 17 years MDL has evolved and grown, becoming a highly reliable LED lighting brand in Paraguay and we have now expanded internationally.

An important milestone in our history came in 2012 when MDL created its own product line, by investing in China with the acquisition of our own factory (MDL FACTORY). This gave the company much more credibility enabling us to rigorously control the quality of our products, as well as developing innovative new products and creating further means to expand into the global market. The following year, MDL realized another dream when we created a branch in Lebanon (known as "MDL Lighting and Decor") meeting the needs of the Lebanese market and other Middle Eastern countries to save energy.

The next target focus for the group was Brazil, the biggest market in South America in terms of economic size and importance. So in 2014 MDL entered this highly competitive market using the slogan: "Soluções em Iluminação". We have now successfully developed our technological know-how across borders, and offer innovative lighting solutions with hundreds of products thereby filling a big need in the marketplace.

We also have new projects in the pipeline for the following years!

We thank you our customers, friends and collaborators for your support and the confidence you have shown in us over the years. Our focus is always to add value to our customers and to listen to your needs and feedback as we continually strive to improve our products and services.

What to expect from this group?


With 50.000 hour of durabity and 85% most economic front of Incandescente Lighting, The MDL Thecnology bring you the best lighting flux with more economy.


The quality factor always comes first during the manufacture of our products , all to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers be getting MDL world-class products.


Focused on the future of the planet we develop environmentally friendly lamps and fixtures , ensuring economy, quality of life and sustainability for future generations.

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